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29th June 2019
A very successful Air Show was held at the BRCC Airfield on the 29th June 2019, with very skilled pilots from 4 different clubs around KZN attending and thrilling the crowds with their stunning performances.  The Show Stopper see below.  Click on the image to view the photo gallery of the event.

1st November 2018
Some Fantastic News for the Club.  Our neighbors have agreed to relax some of the flying times.

Week Days 07h30 to 18h00.
Saturdays 07h30 to 16h00.
Sundays and Public Holidays 09h00 to 14h00.  Quote, "Unfortunately this caused massive tension between the 14 residents" No change here.

Personally I am thrilled with the outcome to our request, so I hope you are too.

There are still some of us flying directly over the factory style shed and houses directly opposite the runway and this is still causing a problem please try your best to avoid this as it is also outside the flight box.

Quote, "The battery powered and drones are not a problem at all"  according to Craig.

29th July 2018
Congratulations to the following members for passing their proficiency tests today, well flown gents!
Bronze - Greg Field
Silver - Rolf Bartels
Gold - Peter Wilson, Dave Jupp and Jason van Besouw.

23rd June 2018
We had a "surprise" inspection from RAASA (Recreational Aircraft Association South Africa) today.  The two inspectors from RAASA gave our airfield a very good going over and asked our members at the airfield on Saturday a lot of questions.  The general consensus from the members at the airfield on Saturday was that it went very well and the inspectors were impressed.  We are looking forward to their official report. 

4th May 2018

New Flying Time Rules and Regulations have been introduced with immediate effect.  Please read the new rules and regulations for more information regarding the new flying times.

BRCC scoops awards at the “Combined Power Nationals” 
Three members of the BRCC, Chris Zurinskas, Cliff Chen and Charl du Rand entered the LSA (Large Scale Aerobatics) section of the South African Combined Power Nationals Competition held at Henley Model Aircraft and Family Entertainment Centre between the Friday 27th April and Tuesday 1st May 2018.  These competitions are organised by SAMAA (South African Model Aircraft Association)

After many hours of practicing and last minute repairs they received the following results.

Competing in the Unlimited Section (The most difficult)  was Chris and Cliff.  This level is only for the very skilled pilots and comprises of four rounds where they fly a practiced sequence twice in one flight.  Both sequences are marked in each round.  They also have to fly an unkown sequence where they are given a few of hours to learn it and then fly it with no practice.

Chris had a bad first round finishing 4th  in the Unlimited section, but after some brilliant flying in the other rounds, especially the unknown sequence he managed 1st place overall by the end of the competition.  Chris was flying a Laser aircraft with a GP 123cc motor.

Cliff also flew extreamely well in this section.  He started in 2 nd place after the first round and finished in 2 nd place overall by the end of the competition.  Cliff was flying a Slick 580 with a GP 123cc motor.

Charl competed for the first time in the Sportsmans Section.  The sections start at Sportsmans then up to Intermeadiate, Advanced and finally the Unlimited section.  The Sportsmans section still requires a huge amount of precision flying while the individual manovers in the sequence are more simple than the higher sections.  Charl flew very consistantly throughout and managed a 1 st place after some brilliant flying.  Charl was flying an Edge 300 aircraft with an EME 70cc motor.

Overall the KZN team did extremely well.  Well done KZN!

1st May 2018

Due to complaints we have had to implement new flying times rules.  These apply to all petrol powered aircraft.  These aircraft will NOT be allowed to fly before 08h00 on a Sunday and on a Public Holiday.  These new rules take effect immediately!  These new rules may be revised once the chariman has had a meeting with the complainants.  Let's hope we can come to a suitable compromise that everyone is happy with.

20th April 2018

Three of our members, Chris Zurinskas, Cliff Chen and Charl du Rand will be competing at the Combined Power Nationals Large Scale Aerobatics Competition to be held at Henley Model Aircraft and Family Entertainment Center between the 27th April and the 1st May 2018.

4th March 2018

We held our AGM at the airfield on Sunday 15 members attended.  The meeting went very well.  Thank you to all who attended.  An email will be sent to all members including the minutes, financials and Chairman's report.

6th November

Congratulations to Chris and Charl who competed in the LSA (Large Scale Aerobatics) competition at Howick last weekend.  Chris managed a 2nd in the Unlimited section and Charl a first in the Basic section.   Well done to you both you did us proud! 

Chris in action above and Charl to the right.

17th October

I have added a "HIGH RES IMAGES FOR SALE!" link to the home page and the photo gallery page.  This contains image that have been taken by Ace Photography at the BRCC airfield.  20% of sales will go to the BRCC and a further 20% will go to the North Coast Courier Orphan's Fund.  This gallery will be a dynamic gallery and will be changing all the time, taking out old photos and adding new.

15th October

Some great fun had by all this weekend.

5th October

After some lovely rains the airfield is starting to look very nice, grass has started growing and sandy patched are slowly covering.

16th July
Wow! Wow! Wow!  What a great turnout to our open day today.  Lots of thrills and no spills. (Phew!)  Well done to all the BRCC members for a really great morning.  Those of you who were not able to attend really missed a great day.  There were 37 cars in the parking lot at one stage and we had a turnover of about 100 people, visitors and pilots included.

A big thank you to Simon and Ellen for organising, cooking and selling the wors rolls, we purchased 48 and all were sold.  Thanks also goes to Peter for the use of his skotel and to Fred, as usual for his coffee.

We were treated to some great flying skills and many of our visitors had a go on the sticks using a buddy box, with various degrees of success.

A big thank you must also go to David for sponsoring the Trainer for the raffle.  We managed to sell 71 tickets and collected a total of R 3,750.00 from the raffle.  Murray Yoko, was the very, very excited and proud winner. 

Also thank you to Siboniso, from the North Coast Courier, spent the whole morning with us, taking pictures and talking to members and even having a go on the sticks himself.

Finally, thank you to everyone who supported the BRCC and the North Coast Courier Orphan’s Fund. 

To see some pictures from Sunday go to our Gallery and click on the July gallery.

12th July
A reminder about our open day this Sunday 16th July starting at 07h00.  The weather looks as though it might be quite good to us after an initial forecast of a 23 knot wind, it is now forecasting a 2-3 knots with wind speeds only picking up to 28-40 knots on Sunday evening. Let's hope it stays that way and that the front does not hit us earlier.We have decided to go with wors rolls instead of bacon and egg, just makes it a bit easier, and cokes.Don't forget to sell and many raffle tickets for the Trainer as possible, 50% goes to a good cause and the other 50% goes to an even better cause. :-)We have had a good advert in the North Coast Courier this week about the open day, so let's best be prepared, for quite a few guests.....?Parking might be a problem, so let's park nice and tight so we have extra parking if needed.Attention all pilots Please pay particular attention to SAFETY we don't want any nasty accidents! Also if any of you have a buddy box system please could you bring it along so we can let some of our guests have a go at the sticks.Lastly, we have planted another 75sqm of grass plugs along the side of the runway today and watered all the newly planted grass.  The other grass plugs that we have planted over the last 6 weeks seems to have taken fairly well, about 80%, even though is has been very dry. So my hope is that once the weather warms up and we get a bit of rain, the grass will take off and cover fairly quickly.Hope to see all of you at the airfield on Sunday!
22nd June
We will be holding an "Open Day" during the July school holidays and running it along similar lines to our family day.

Date - Sunday 16th July.  Time 07h00 to 11h00. All are welcome.  We will have a buddy box system setup so if you want to try your hand at flying, no problem, we will let you have a go.  Bacon & Egg rolls on sale for R20.00 each and Cokes at R10.00 each.  So come along and see what goes on at the airfield.  Click here for directions.

17th June Our Family Day went off extreamely well.  Then North Coast Courier was there and got some great shots and published an article in this week Courier with a great shot of Greg and his trainer on the front page!  Thank you to all who helped with organising and cooking and especially to Fred for donating all the food!  Visit our June Gallery to see some pictures.

29th May We will be holding our first "Family Day" at the new airfield on Friday, 16th June 2017.

26th May All rain damage has been repaired.  Toilet has been installed.  Lots of grass plugs have been planted.  Airfield looking good.

18th May After 4 days of heavy rain (337mm) over the past weekend our new airfield has survived remarkably well.  Some damage to our access road, which has already been repaired and a donga or two at the south end of the runway which still needs to be filled in.  Images in the May 2017 gallery.

27th April Great morning's flying this morning.  Our upgrades to the airfield are progressing nicely.  Septic tank installed.  Basic plumbing installed.  Started filling soak pit.  Shade house and toilet has has been marked out and measured.

Friday 21st April We are upgrading our access road on Saturday and starting the installation of another shade house with flush toilet.

Fun Fly Series 2017 - The closing date for round one has been extended to 30th April 2017.  So come on guys let's get some scores in from the BRCC.  (Click here to download notice from SAMAA)

Monday 17th April Congratulations to Paul & Jason van Besouw from the BRCC for passing their Silver Proficiency Tests and to Johan van Wyk from Witbank Radio Flyers for passing his Instructor's Proficiency Test.

MAASA Schedules 2016/2017 (Model Aerobatics Association South Africa)
These schedules are great fun to practice and they teach you how to control your aircraft. Happy fun flying and safe landings!

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