Ballito Radio Controlled Club
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BRCC Airfield Activity Calendar.

Rules and Guidelines for booking times at the BRCC Airfield.

  1. No BRCC member or aviation company has any exclusive right to fly at the BRCC airfield unless it has been approved by the committee and advertised via this calendar and the BRCC WhatsApp Group.
  2. Once a time slot has been booked on this calendar it does not give that member or company the exclusive use of the airfield however it gives them poll position to fly.  This said they should try and work together with any other pilot/s wanting to use the airfield at the same time.
  3. We all love flying, be considerate at all times, to all other pilots.
  4. To resolve onsite usage disputes at the BRCC Airfield, should they arise, please follow this simple rule - Be Gentleman and work out a flying schedule that works for everyone concerned at the time.

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